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Join the awesome team of SuperTuitions and teach with us!

If you love teaching and have a passion for it, then you have visited the right place. Teaching with SuperTuitions provides you with great features. Some features include; 5 days teaching per week, subject-wise teaching, we will handle disputes between you and parents, Relocation incase you are unhappy and No First month salary cut-offs.

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Why Choose Us?

5 days Classes per week

You will teach only five days a week.  Enjoy your two day holidays every week.

High Incomes

Earn good amounts of money by joining us. NO hidden charges. We charge only 10% of your total income.

Subject Wise Teaching

You can apply for subjects of your own choice and we will provide you with respective classes.

Disputes Handling

For any dispute that arises between you and parents, then we will be there to settle and handle it. You don’t need to worry much.

Tuition Transfer

If incase you are not happy with present tuition, then we will help you out and would transfer you to another tuition if eligible.

Online Promotion

We will be promoting you on our website and online platforms so as to provide you with more and more exposure.

Register and be a part of Super Tuitions. Earn by doing what you love and get exposure online.

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